Please just let me take your picture...

please, please, please..


(It was) Monday

Play with me. Talk to me. Pay attention. Light my cigarette. Pinch me. Tickle me.
Can you think something you can do with me?
Come on, don't think it twice, It's summer damn it.

Plus it's Monday and I'm bored.


Am I the only one who misses winter so much?

I've been smoking again. I wasn't expecting something more to tell you the truth. I'm such a fool I know.

Don't deny it, try to say something to make me feel better. Let me smile for a while telling you that all is great, nothing is wrong with me. I'm so happy inside and all. Let me tell you again and again that I have nothing on you. I'm not hurt man. I'm OK. Can't you tell?

Let me say good night and kiss you on the cheek. Try to do the same. And please let me go home as soon as I can. I feel like crying again, shit.

Can't you see? I'm fine.

I promise.


Movie review

I'm so tired of you that I would like to cut your head like they did with Gwyneth's head at Seven. I'm not talking about deadly sins, I'm talking about pure hate.

You were waiting for it. Didn't you?


4 ups and 1 down.

How tired are you of those sad faces in the summer time?

Oh how i would love to kiss you when the lights are off.
When you can't see me, when you can even remember my name.

When the sun is about to rise.
When the music is so loud that you can hear me whispering that i desperately need to feel this as long as you can.

It' s up to you. I got nothing to hold me back anymore.

I'm all new for you.