Please just let me take your picture...

please, please, please..


Boredom road.

On the road somebody talked to me.
He thought I was his first love and started accusing me for past mistakes.
I didn’t stop him. I needed to argue with somebody, I had another bad day.
I listened and I watched him closely. He was handsome and young.
I went close and I said “Baby you are right. Do you want to start over?”
 He looked really confused and answered: “ Oh, I thought you would never ask”
“But I am… so do you?”
“I think I do.”
“So let me introduce myself.”

It was a nice day that day.


Good inside.

Buy me a ticket and let me go away.
Far from here.
I don't see me when I look at me.
I only see what you left behind,
and this my friend is killing me.

I will let you go. Someday.


- Do you remember my name?
-Of course, I've kissed you. It starts with D and..
- And.. ?
- And ends ...
- Now.-


Can it be true?

The damage is done.
This is what I always do.
This is what I did.

But I was good, I promise.
I was sweet and patient and loving and all.
But the damage is done.

You were like New Year’s Eve to me.
I was waiting for you like a child.
I was going to make myself a better person for you,
But like all New Year’s resolutions I failed to keep my promises.

The last tear totally ruined my contacts.
What I want to say is that I’ve ruined way too many.

The cycle is closing.


Lucky me.

I don't know where should I start to tell you how I feel,
You don't want to listen,
I don't want to hear.
It's like 2008 all over again.
Oh, you don't know about 2008?
Lucky you.
I still got eveything inside me.
Just tell me how do I look when I kiss a statue.

By the way you are the statue.



A field without daisies, is hell.
A dream without a plan, is hell.
A touch without sweat, is hell.
A coffee without my lips, is hell.
A night without a drink, is hell.
A lollipop without your mouth, is hell.
A shirt that you used to like, is hell.

Your perfume in somebody else’s skin, it’s a fact.


Last thoughts.

This city is full of dead cats.
Especially in your road. People drive fast there. 
Maybe they are trying to avoid you, something I could never do.

I was thinking today that I never showed you my hometown.
Maybe it wasn’t mean to be.
I told you, it wasn’t something great, something worth seeing.
The thing is that I didn’t know that I really believed it.

Oh, the things you learn in a quiet Tuesday..


Still 31.

I don't want to be curious 
and I just want to be your friend 
but I really want to ask you something..

Have you ever dreamed of me?

and i don't mean with company. 
I hate company. 
I'm talking about me. Just ME. Exactly how I like it.

Also I saw you the other day staring at my lips, 
you have never taste them, right?

So I have a simple question 
and yes I am being curious 
and I don't want to be your friend..

would you mind if I make all your dreams come true?

31 days

It's fucking August and I feel cold most of the time.
I learned a lot of things about a lot of things. They made me sick.
Believe me, from now on I hate people.
Everybody will let you donw.
Every single one.

Well maybe my mom won't do it after all. But I will do it to her so whats the point anyway.
Shit will always be shit.


Another Bad Morning.

 The moment when you drive alone in the morning and you start crying for no reason. You look around you feeling awkward, stop for a bottle of water and say “good morning” to yourself. 
Now you can start your day.

This, every fucking day.

Mornings are becoming the worst thing that ever happened to me.

Do you want to join me?

I don’t want to drive alone again..


The new.

I should have broken your heart.
Maybe then you could write me a poem.
Maybe then you could answer once your telephone.
Maybe then you could take me for a walk.
Or just talk to me like you used to.
But I know, I learn from the best.
I should see England and drink to new starts.
That worked for you, right?
If I am wrong please stop me.
I’m kind of drunk and this for sure wasn’t a good day.
But yes, it was nice to see you again.
It was nice to see that you feel better than me.
It was nice to talk to you.
In my dreams.



3 days of my life.

I have NEVER been so scared.
Not even when you inform me that you needed some time alone. I wasn’t enough.
Not even when our father told us he doesn’t love us anymore, right before he passed out in the living room.
But then again the day that you will inform me that you love somebody else hasn’t come yet so NEVER say NEVER.

I will just say “until today”.