Please just let me take your picture...

please, please, please..


Boredom road.

On the road somebody talked to me.
He thought I was his first love and started accusing me for past mistakes.
I didn’t stop him. I needed to argue with somebody, I had another bad day.
I listened and I watched him closely. He was handsome and young.
I went close and I said “Baby you are right. Do you want to start over?”
 He looked really confused and answered: “ Oh, I thought you would never ask”
“But I am… so do you?”
“I think I do.”
“So let me introduce myself.”

It was a nice day that day.


Good inside.

Buy me a ticket and let me go away.
Far from here.
I don't see me when I look at me.
I only see what you left behind,
and this my friend is killing me.

I will let you go. Someday.


- Do you remember my name?
-Of course, I've kissed you. It starts with D and..
- And.. ?
- And ends ...
- Now.-