Please just let me take your picture...

please, please, please..



A field without daisies, is hell.
A dream without a plan, is hell.
A touch without sweat, is hell.
A coffee without my lips, is hell.
A night without a drink, is hell.
A lollipop without your mouth, is hell.
A shirt that you used to like, is hell.

Your perfume in somebody else’s skin, it’s a fact.


Last thoughts.

This city is full of dead cats.
Especially in your road. People drive fast there. 
Maybe they are trying to avoid you, something I could never do.

I was thinking today that I never showed you my hometown.
Maybe it wasn’t mean to be.
I told you, it wasn’t something great, something worth seeing.
The thing is that I didn’t know that I really believed it.

Oh, the things you learn in a quiet Tuesday..


Still 31.

I don't want to be curious 
and I just want to be your friend 
but I really want to ask you something..

Have you ever dreamed of me?

and i don't mean with company. 
I hate company. 
I'm talking about me. Just ME. Exactly how I like it.

Also I saw you the other day staring at my lips, 
you have never taste them, right?

So I have a simple question 
and yes I am being curious 
and I don't want to be your friend..

would you mind if I make all your dreams come true?

31 days

It's fucking August and I feel cold most of the time.
I learned a lot of things about a lot of things. They made me sick.
Believe me, from now on I hate people.
Everybody will let you donw.
Every single one.

Well maybe my mom won't do it after all. But I will do it to her so whats the point anyway.
Shit will always be shit.