Please just let me take your picture...

please, please, please..


We only make out when the lights are On.

I got your ID in my bag and when the phone does not ring I die a little inside.

We will have a big yard and a white dog. We will only pay for electricity, movies and drink tea all day long.

The only thing that will stay the same is the way we kiss.

See? I'm ready now. Let's do it.



I would like to inform you that I'm on my desk, trying to work, crying a bit, and wishing you could be downstairs right now, take me to the movies and buy me some bonbons.

Love always made me sad but you help me breathe.


Sunday Night.

You and me on our favorite bar. Doors closed. Too crowded.
You, touching my waist.
Me, kissing your lips.
About 5 minutes ago I saw a guy standing across and fucking staring so much.
I didn't mind really. We were kissing a lot and I couldn't care less.
I went to the bathroom and I could feel someone following me. 
He came too close repeating something I couldn't hear.
- What?
- Does your father know you're out?



About a year ago my dad from 03.00 to 04.00 am was watching porn.
Every night.
I know it because at the exact same time I was returning to my house.
Every night.
We didn't bother each other.
We just left our lifes slip from our hands.
It happens sometimes.
This happened to us as well.
Every night.