Please just let me take your picture...

please, please, please..


Call me tonight.

I thought I saw you on the last bus that night. It was kind of early for a Friday night. After all we are still young. Αnd I was dizzy. You were looking at me. I haven’t thought about you in years, I swear. But after that night I repeat your name 10 times a day.
You continued looking and I thought it was a game, I was giving you that look and I couldn’t believe that this girl was really me. Yeah Im all grown up as you can see.
Your phone ringed, you answered and shock! This voice had nothing to do with you. Your name didn’t match this awful voice. But as I told you I was dizzy and I still let you see under my dress.

You will never come back so why should I waste my time. Memories will do the job.

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