Please just let me take your picture...

please, please, please..



You slept with a smile on your face and woke up with nothing left.
What I am doing here?
Oh damn.
You whisper my name but really it doesn’t feel the same.
Oh damn.
I would love to leave this place but I will miss you like hell.
Oh damn.
And so I stay and wait.

You ask me what I need.
I answer something you can not give me anymore.
You ask why I’m still here.
Here, where?
In this bed.
I always come back here to find what I have left.

Give it back to me please. You know what I'm talking about.




It is quite late don’t you think?
You came like a stream, sitting next to me chewing bubble gum. I can still remember the smell of its flavor.

I don’t remember what happened to me, but for a moment I forgot everything.

Baby don’t go away, I’m still here.

You were looking at my eyes and I was screaming enough but you didn’t stop.
Thank God you didn’t.

Another drink and I might forget my pain.

After 23 years I should have know this game.
But I’m losing again.
23 years of practice. Well not really but I still thought I was good at it.
But I’m here again.
Losing again..


On repeat.

I said Shhhhh!
Why it doesn't stop?
I did everything you told me.
I said Silence..

Oh God will it even stop..

Let's do it again..

I think I'm fine for now.. I think.


Your last night.

I throw all your things in the garbage and I pick them up again one by one.

I even thought of getting a cat but I have a fish and that will make us me and you again.

I stopped crying and I started drinking.
I stopped drinking and I started sleeping.
I stopped sleeping and then I woke up for a lifetime.
I hated my miserable days but most of all I hated missing you.

You stopped calling and then you stopped caring.
You stopped caring and then you forgot.

And as you forgot I became me again.
And you were far.
And I was me.
And it was summer.

And you were far.


Not much free time

I think I'm ruined. But then again this makes me something new and you always loved new things. So enjoy me.
And don’t stop me when I say that I miss you. Cause I did. And you know I did.

Be the new thing for me too. Someone to cry for and someone to hold.


This is personal.

-          Hello Blondie!
-          Hello Sir.
-          What’s your name?
-          My name is Des.
-          And what brings you here Blondie?
-          Well, this is not an easy question. A friend of mine says I’m not quiet myself lately.
-          This is so general. Not yourself, how?
-          The thing is I messed everything up. And most of the time I don’t enjoy what I’m doing, which I used to.
-          Sorry, how old are you?
-          Why you say it like that?
-          No! No reason.
-          I’m sorry about it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. If I was myself I would tell you something funny about the age part. But I can’t anymore.
-          So tell me what you’re thinking Blondie.


-          Can I ask you something sir? You know my name why you are still calling me Blondie?
-          Do you mind?
-          No, it is just that I’m being kind of dramatic those days and I don’t want to hate you or something.
-          Ha-ha-ha. See? You are finding yourself slowly. This is good.
-          I will let you know how it goes. Bye.