Please just let me take your picture...

please, please, please..


Aries and that's all.

When I was in school every boy that had a crush on me always asked me first about my sign. I answered Aries with proud because somebody told me this is the best of all (I still believe it until now). They laughed and started asking if we were meant to be together. This game always bored me to hell and I was just leaving without saying goodbye. The leaving part I practise until today.

Now when I met you I was really mesmerized by everything. I know I don't have the best taste in the world. Ask my friends.Everything were great, I can say we were happy. I looked at your face and believed that there are so many things we left unsaid and so many things we have only just barely touched our lips to without actually saying them. I pushed you that night asking you to confess me what you had in mind and you stupid little loser told me the only thing I didn't wanted to hear, "Really what sign are you? I really believe we are meant to be together".

Well check again, I don't think so!

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  1. Ανώνυμος9/13/2010 10:50 μ.μ.

    impressively beautiful.
    that is what you call lack of taste?
    name me your friends, Aries.

  2. everything i say can and will be used against me! aries are smart. and simple. that's how i like to keep things.

  3. Ανώνυμος9/14/2010 2:35 π.μ.

    oh, i though Aries was more than that..
    should i blame the font, the words, the pictures or just u?

  4. I will prove that we aries love simplicity.
    i simply love you.

  5. Ανώνυμος9/14/2010 2:54 π.μ.

    your love will be complicated when you reach to know me!!
    until then i can simply check you out..

  6. Ανώνυμος10/03/2010 7:06 μ.μ.

    Again, this has potential. unfortunately your lack of taste is nothing in comparison to your lack in ability to use the language you write in. the word 'proud' should be replaced with the word 'pride' and I'm sure 'Everything' WERE great. i'm assuming 'everything' is a band? everything WAS great.
    Also, 'confess what you had in mind' is a Greek expression that doesn't translate well, if at all, in English. Your lack of punctuation in certain parts makes it almost incomprehensible.
    Don't get me wrong,i'm massively into poetry and i think you have potential but you need work and to avoid cliches.


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