Please just let me take your picture...

please, please, please..


Whatever i touch i break.

Who told you we don't have issues like you do ? We all have, some of us big time and some just shut their eyes and ears like i do. Bloke all the noises from your window and try your best fake smile in the mirror.

pens and pensils all over the rooms and when your eyes try to find mine i give you my best fake smile and all my wet kisses. Just to make you continue what you're doing best; lying to me.

Isn't this what we all do to each other everyday?

Your lies are welcome here. Feed me with those and give me air to breath. Breath from my mouth and try to find the truth behind all these.

If you do inform me, i'm confusing fiction with reality myself as well.

Just feed me your lies..

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  1. your blog is fantastic, I'm a loyal follower!!

  2. Ανώνυμος10/03/2010 6:44 μ.μ.

    fyi.. bloke means guy. what u want to say is block. your ideas could be interesting but your grammar fails them. you should look into it if you want to do your ideas justice. poetic license is one thing, misusing the language you choose to write in is another. maybe you should try writing in your own language? or maybe reading more English books/ would help you. :) xx

  3. Thank you i will change all the mistakes soon. Plus this happened because i never read something when i write it down. this for sure would help me avoid mistakes like the ones you're pointing. this is me.what can i do. i totally feel like i'm in school again right now.
    also i'm not a poet or anything, i just write thoughts down.
    if you believe i'm not that good in English why don't me just speak in Greek?
    i'm not getting anything wrong don't worry.don't even think about it.
    thank you.


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