Please just let me take your picture...

please, please, please..


Don't get mad baby

We were just standing there trying to find the right things to say when i saw a light coming from a dark corner. I really tried to focus to see what this beautiful light was but your voice didn't let me, you start yelling that you meant nothing to me and i gave up. When i turned again there was nothing, gone! Oh how many things i have lost because of you!

But hey, dont even think about it, you can't save me, you never could. Only when i put my lipstick on i feel like myself..

5 σχόλια:

  1. Teleio post.
    Oi teleytaies grammes me ekfrazoun apoluta!!!
    Yperoxo blog glukia m...
    Mporeis na deis k to diko m kai na t akolou8hseis an 8eleis?


  2. Ανώνυμος5/11/2010 10:19 μ.μ.

    The girl with the Mars Volta tee says...

    Maybe that's my favourite one..Yeap!

  3. pragmatika omws pas k pefteis sauta p m'exoun ponesei perissotero!

    ax ax ti na s pw! : )
    euxaristw pl pantws.


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